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New Trends in Bathroom Remodeling

Have you been considering remodeling or updating your bathroom but have no idea where to begin? Many customers on Long island routinely turn to Martino Construction Group because not only are we trustworthy and affordable, our team always has a pulse on the newest trends. Whether it’s your powder room or a full bathroom that needs to be freshened up or completely reconstructed, we can guide you on the features that are affordable and stylish.

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Smart Tech For Your Kitchen

If there is one room in a house that usually needs a well deserved renovation it’s your kitchen. It’s a high traffic area where people like to gather, even if no meal is being prepared. We often have customers approach us to do a complete makeover, but don’t know where to begin since their kitchens are often dated and contain minimal space for appliances.

The options that are available today far outweigh what has normally been offered in the past. Our seasoned professionals stay ahead of the trends and work with our customers to decide not only the best look, but also how their kitchen can be designed to be as efficient as possible.

There are many decisions to be made when you decide to upgrade and our team takes pride in offering realistic solutions while taking your budget into careful consideration. Customers who are comfortable with all of the new technology may eagerly embrace it, while others are content to only incorporate a few new features. Regardless, we can offer options for a sleek and modern kitchen. Continue Reading


Planning a Home Renovation Project? What to Consider for Your Budget

One of the first things to do after deciding to embark on a home renovation project is to consider your budget. While it’s sometimes easy to find inspirations in magazines or online, the tricky part is to figure out how to best make those ideas become a reality.

That’s where Martino Construction Group comes in. Well known on Long Island as a premium construction company, we are also known for working with our customers to put a realistic budget in place before the project begins, so that there are no surprises along the way. Our experienced team knows how simple projects can quickly turn into more, so they are very upfront and clear about the anticipated costs and expectations of the desired outcome. With our vast knowledge, we are able to make recommendations on how to best use your available budget to your advantage.

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Some important budget elements include:

Post construction clean-up

The team at Martino Construction has become so trusted that many of our customers prefer to also use our guidance when it comes to financing a renovation project and make use of the affordable financing program we offer. Learn more about how you can turn a large purchase into an affordable monthly payment and make your renovation project a reality now, rather than putting it off for another day.

Call us to learn more about taking the first step towards making your dream project a reality!


The Importance of Working with Experienced Professionals for any Home Renovation

These days enough can’t be said about the importance of working with trusted professionals for home renovations. Construction projects have many different and intertwined components, so it’s best to work with a team that is reliable and has a reputation for doing premium work.

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Long Island Office Renovations

Renovating your office is a wise decision that goes beyond aesthetics. This post explores the many positives of office renovations and how a well-planned project can transform your business.

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Master Bathroom Renovation in Miller Place

Our team recently completed a master bathroom renovation in a stunning Miller Place home. This bathroom’s aesthetics define luxury. Marble accentuates the design throughout the area. Along with a lavish bath, we installed a separate shower with elegant amenities and a custom-built vanity. The photos below speak for themselves.

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First Floor Home Renovation in West Babylon

Our team is in the middle of an exciting first-floor home renovation project in West Babylon. Take a sneak peek behind the scenes of our cabinet installation process.

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Bathroom Renovation in Islip

Our team recently completed a bathroom renovation project in Islip. We incorporated a neutral palette of whites, grays, tans, and browns, providing a warm aesthetic.

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What to Include in Your Kitchen Remodel to Maximize Functionality

Whether your kitchen is big or small, it’s a good idea to think about the best ways to remodel your kitchen so that it boosts organization, convenience, and style. Incorporating some of these ideas will give your kitchen the enhancements it needs to make one of the most important rooms in the house easier to maintain.

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Before and After – Lindenhurst Kitchen Renovation

Take a look at these before and after shots for a glimpse of what our home renovation team is capable of. This kitchen renovation project in Lindenhurst included the removal of non-load-bearing walls, creating an open and welcoming environment.

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